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The Dirty Dog Bath: This soothing tub time is an essential way keep your fur baby clean and fresh, especially for those hard to reach areas. This bath includes a luxurious blueberry facial, a deep conditioning and nourishing shampoo, a brush and blow dry, an ear cleaning and nail trim pedicure.

Specialty Baths: Whether your pup has become friendly with a skunk, exposed to another pet with fleas or even if the coat seems a little lackluster, we have a specialty bath to get things back to normal! After a brief consultation, we can accommodate those pesky situations with the highest quality products and treatment.

The Clip and Clean: For special play dates to last-minute house guests, this is for your pet who is in between grooms or just needs a bath! This service includes a full bath plus a trim of the face, feet, and fanny. *Must have had last service within 6 weeks.

Full Groom: This is the ultimate deluxe haircut service for your pet. Styled to your preference, this service includes a full body haircut which can be a breed-specific cut. Our stylist specializes in cuts for the Pomeranian, Poodle, Bichon, Cocker Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and Schnauzer breeds. The full groom can also include the “puppy cut” which evens out your pets’ coat and provides a trim around the face and paws.

The Kitty Corner: Feline grooming is a service we are excited to offer here at the Animal Clinic of Milford. While cats are self-grooming they can benefit from a brushing/ dematting service, or even a lion haircut. We are able to provide a safe and tranquil environment where your feline friend can enjoy a day of pampering. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

***Gratuities are accepted in the form of cash or check

We have never had such an amazing experience with a groomer before. They were so sweet and compassionate. Our puppy was in desperate need of a haircut and bath. They listened to exactly what we wanted and made our pup the cutest he’s ever looked! It’s comforting to know when we drop him off he is in good hands. – Mariana