Dog and Cat boarding in Milford, CT

Dog Kennel in Milford, CT

Exercise & Playtime: We offer your pet three walks per day and a playtime session in our large temperature-controlled play area. Our play area has a non- slip floor that allows pets to run around without injury. Our play area offers a modular dog playground for your dogs to run up ramps, breeze through tunnels, climb stairs and platforms. During this time, a kennel counselor will play with your dog and offer some basic training. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, a play date can be made with a compatible guest. If you have a high energy pet, an exercise regimen can be crafted for their specific needs, with an extra walk or playtime session at an extra fee.

House Keeping: Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art disinfectant and cleaning machines, so the floors and kennels are not just hosed, sprayed and mopped, like in many other facilities but disinfected thoroughly to eliminate the chance of spread of disease.

Mealtime: Dogs are fed on a twice a day schedule but if your pup needs an extra meal just let us know. We provide Proplan Veterinary Prescription Enteric Diet food for your dog, however if you would like your pet to eat their own food or if they have a sensitive stomach or skin we strongly encourage you to bring their own meal. We offer treat time during lunch time and before bed.

Assurance: The Pet Hotel of Milford is connected to the Animal Clinic of Milford. Your pet has access to a veterinarian if an emergency or illness should occur. The Animal Clinic of Milford offers medical boarding for pets that need any type of medications administered during their stay.

Canine Boarding Rate and Vaccine Requirements: $61.68 a day, dogs must be 15 weeks or older and be up to date on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Leptospirosis, K9 Influenza, and Bordetella vaccines. A Negative fecal is required every 6 months and current Flea and Tick Prevention. Vaccine programs are available such as the Vax4Life program to help make vaccines very affordable for you.

Feline Boarding Rate and Vaccine Requirements: $40.41 a day, requirements for boarding: Rabies, FVRCP, and Feline leukemia vaccine. Negative fecal every 6 months and current Flea and Tick Prevention are required as well. Our kitties are housed in a separate wing away from the canine boarding. We have Feliaway pheromone plug-ins to eliminate stress that can occur with boarding. Our Kittie condo units are state of the art and give your feline friends plenty of room to stretch. We offer Proplan cat and kitten food to feed your cat during their stay but to avoid diarrhea or if your pet has a sensitive stomach, we strongly encourage you to bring your own food.

Grooming: If your kitty needs to be groomed please consult with our pet stylist for recommendations.

Exotics Boarding: $40.41 a day. We will happily board your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, or ferret while you are away. We do ask that you bring their food. Also, if they are used to their own cage, we also ask that you bring that with you as well as their bedding material.

Boarding Pick-ups after 2pm:
Will be a 1/2 Day – Daycare charge (see below)
Half-Day Daycare: $31.91
Full-Day Daycare: $40.41